~ Flair ~

is a multi-genre band,

that started its existence by the first concert tour in November 2014. Because of the typical instrumental setting and the presence of the female singer, it is clear the ensemble Flair has its roots in the Moravian Folk Tradition. Here in Moravia all members of Flair were born, here they live and from here they present their musical expression to the world.

The musical language of Flair expresses a symbiosis between folk music and classical music. The fact there will be no changes in the musicians of Flair, will lead into a well-sounding and well-singing Flair. With a little of Leoš Janáček, Béla Bartók, the heritage of Carpathian folk musicians, the Gypsy music from Bucharest and Budapest and last but not least, compositions of Flair’s artistic leader, Jan Rokyta.

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~ 01.05. ~

Friday 17:00